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Charles Markert

Civil Engineer, Ocean Engineer, Engineering & Design Manager, Project Manager, Group Process Facilitator, Author, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker and Entrepreneur. He is currently focusing on Construction Partnering Facilitator Service.

Employment History: 

Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), 

Cavitronix Corporation, 

Dynamic Leadership Consulting Group (DLCG) 

Independent Professional Facilitator and Consultant


He has facilitated Partnering for U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Command, (NAVFAC), U.S.Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), DOE, Agriculture, State Dept, DOT, VDOT, MDOT, SCDOT, NASA, TVA and others over the last 20 years.  

Co-Authored "Partnering in Construction: A Practical Guide to Project Success" American Bar Association, 1999, Frank Carr. et al. 


Registered Professional Engineer, PE, Virginia (35 Years)

Certified Professional Facilitator, 11 Years)

Certified Bottom-Line Innovation Facilitator (1996-Present).   



Charles Markert

Mr. Markert is an engineer, professional facilitator, consultant for business process enhancement methodologies. He has 30 years of public sector engineering management and civil engineering design experience involving all aspects of facility design, planning, engineering management, as well as organization leadership, process streamlining, business process redesign and quality improvement.

Present – The Partnering Facilitator / KALMAR Consulting - Professional Group Process Facilitator for clients in all areas of Construction, Business & team Partnering, Process Improvement, Process Mapping, and Creative Problem Solving.  Facilitates all group processes. Specializing in Construction Project Partnering.

PAST – Cavitronix Corporation – Chief Engineer.  Inventor and Founder of a start-up manufacturing firm for water-in-oil emulsion generation for boilers, furnaces and engines.

PAST –  Dynamic Leadership Consulting Group, Inc: Founder and Construction Project Partnering Facilitator - Consulted and facilitated for clients in all areas of business & process improvement and innovation for public and private organizations.  Personally facilitated & trained facilitators.

PAST – MTI and Charles Markert & Associates: Senior Consultant and Partnering Facilitator for: Construction Partnering, Strategic Planning, Reengineering, Innovation & and a wide variety of other venues needing professional, neutral facilitation.

PAST –  U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC),  Served 30 years consecutively in the positions of Civil Engineer, Branch Head and Director of Engineering Systems Division, and Director of Planning and Engineering Operations in the Engineering & Design Division of NAVFAC headquarters  - Provided design, management, leadership & process improvement to planning and engineering policies, processes and methodologies for acquiring Navy facilities worldwide. Led teams that made improvements in quality & productivity to facility/infrastructure planning & design.


  • Contemporary Executive Program, GWU Graduate Program,
  • Master of Public Administration, American University
  • Master of Science, Ocean Engineering, University of Rhode Island
  • Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Michigan State University


  • Professional Engineer, Virginia  (35 Years)
  • Certified Professional Facilitator, IAF (11 Years)
  • Certified Bottom Line Innovation Facilitator (1996-Present)


  • American Society of Civil Engineers (Past)
  • Society of American Military Engineers (Past)
  • Association for Quality & Participation (Past)
  • International Association of Facilitators (Lifetime)
  • Mid-Atlantic Facilitator Network (Past)
  • Institute of Management Consultants USA (Past)
  • Creativity Education Foundation (Past)

Charles Markert has extensive experience in leading organizations through the partnering process.  He has facilitated construction project partnering and enterprise partnering for organizations and their contractors where they created teams with mutual vision, goals, guiding principles, as well as issue resolution, problem-solving and team evaluation processes. He has co-authored a book on Partnering published by the American Bar Association in 1999.

  • NASA, Wallops Island Runway Repaving Project
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - TVA - Johnson Bros, Grand River, KY for The Downstream Cofferdam Project, New Kentucky Lock Project    
  • US Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Blue Ridge Constructors, Paving, Pensacola Naval Air Station
  • NAVFAC, Triton Marine, Waterfront Renovation, New London, CT
  • NAVFAC, Triton Marine, Repairs to Pier 4 and Wharves 4A and 4B,Philadelphia Navy Yard, Philadelphia, PA
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Armed Forces Reserve Center Construction Projects (MA, NH, RI, TX)
  • USACE – Medical Building, Ft Detrick, Md.
  • D.C. Public Schools and W.M. Schlosser/Arrow Construction
  • U.S. State Department: Enterprise Network Management and Team PRC (3 Partnering Workshops)
  • Botetourt County, Public Safety/Regional Jail Building, and the High School Addition, Fincastle, Virginia
  • SCDOT (South Carolina Department of Highways) – I-385 Interchange Project 23.362A, Greenville, SC
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Reserve Center Construction Project
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Interagency Partnering Workshop with the Defense Intell Agency (DIA)
  • U.S. State Department: Enterprise Network Management and Team PRC (3 Partnering Workshops)
  • Maryland Highway Administration Partnering – Training
  • Maryland Highway Administration Partnering – Workshop Bridge Construction
  • Maryland Highway Administration Partnering – Interchange Construction
  • GSA Central Division & CDSI (Information Technology Contract Partnering Session)
  • U.S. Department of Energy CIO and DYNCORP/CDSI (4 Partnering Workshops for IT Contract)
  • U.S. State Department: New Embassy Construction, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
  • U.S. State Department: Chancery Renovation, Rome, Italy
  • U.S. State Department: Embassy Renovation, New Delhi, India
  • Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Adak, Alaska/Aleut Indians Base Closure

Delivered Lectures & Speeches on Partnering

  • International Partnering Symposia speeches and partnering training sessions in DC, Seattle, Front Royal, Virginia and Winchester, Virginia for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Annual International Symposium on Partnering
  • Shepherdstown, WV, OPM Leadership School- Taught Partnering as part of five separate “ADR Weeks”
  • International Association of Facilitators Annual Conference – Taught Partnering
  • American Society for Quality Control, Virginia Chapter
  • USAA Summit on Partnering in Construction
  • Project Management Institute – National Capital Chapter
  • Association of Quality & Participation, Capital Chapter
  • Institute of Management Consultants-DC Chapter
  • University of New Orleans Lecture Series

Co-Author: “Partnering In Construction: A Practical Guide To Project Success” by Carr, Markert, et al, 1999 by the American Bar Association.

This experience has been on improving processes in which people work, as well as the design and improvement of automated processes.  He was the lead facilitator for a Navy team to redesign a poorly functioning sailor ‘detailing’ process where they designed an innovative dual Agent system for sailors to have their preference automatically matched to the fleet’s need for sailors with specific knowledge, skills and abilities.  He was also the lead facilitator on an extensive project to develop an IT enterprise system to maintain Maritime Administration’s Ready Reserve Force of Navy ships nation-wide. He was the lead facilitator on several multi-session BPR projects to create, redesign and/or consolidate a variety of other systems.

  • US Navy, Chief of Navy Installations – PASS Office Restructuring
  • US Marine Corp MCSC Technical Publications Life Cycle Process Redesign
  • U.S. Maritime Administration (Ready Reserve Force)
  • Enterprise-wide Business Process Review and IT Modernization
  • Chief of Naval Personnel, Navy Personnel Command and Resource Consultants, Inc
  • Reengineered the Enlisted Sailor Assignment System
  • Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)
  • Reconfigured the Architect/Engineer Contracting Process
  • Reconfigured the Navy-wide Shore Facilities Project Planning Process
  • Taught Business Process Reengineering (For Clients & AQP & MTI Training)


Markert is a certified Bottom Line Innovation (BLI) Consultant and uses the process to creatively solve problems encountered in BPR projects.  The technique is based on going beyond brainstorming into Pattern Breaking in order to generate unexpected and innovative solution needed in moving from the As-Is to the To-Be.

  • US Marine Corps MC Systems Command ACALS Process Redesign
  • U.S. Maritime Administration (Ready Reserve Force) Business Process Redesign
  • Warren Memorial Hospital Innovation Retreat
  • Chief of Naval Personnel, Navy Personnel Command & Resource Consultants, Inc.
  • Various Lectures, Speeches & Trainings on Innovation
  • Association of Quality and Participation, National Capital Workshop
  • Mid-Atlantic Facilitator Network
  • Taught Facilitator Skills, and Creativity in Teams to MTI & DOL


His background as a user of computers since 1970 and the manager of the Engineering Systems Branch and Director of the Engineering Systems Division has served him well in his role as a facilitator. He can speak the language of IT well enough to understand meaning and intent of managers and IT experts.  He recognizes miscommunications and helps to clarify true intent without having to be the IT expert.

  • PRC and US Navy Family Housing Management
  • Automated Family Housing Management System Software Assessment
  • Construction Specification Institute
  • New System Design and Requirements for Design-Build Panel
  • Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)
  • Planning for Base Closure System Software Requirements
  • Navy Regional Planning Development Workshop
  • Installation Life-cycle Management Workshop

He has conducted strategic planning events as the Lead as well as in support of other facilitators.  He uses many of the same activities in partnering sessions where strategic planning elements are a large part of the partnering process.

  • Smithsonian Institute, Office of Facilities Engineering and Operations
  • Defense Information Agency, eBusiness Missions & Functions Workshops
  • AFCEA Bethesda Board of Directors and Advisory Board Strategy Session
  • USDA Human Resources Directorate Strategic Plan
  • Winchester Economic Development Council Annual Strategy Retreat
  • U.S. Marine Corps – Network Operations Center Strategic Plan
  • U.S. Marine Corps – MITNOC Strategic Plan
  • U.S. Marine Corps – Applications Support Strategic Plan
  • U.S. Marine Corps – TMDE Strategic Plan
  • Design and Construction Quality Institute (DCQI)
  • Annual Conference & Several DCQI Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Construction Specification Institute – Annual Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Federal Facilities Council Strategic Planning (FFC) Strategic Plan
  • Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)
  • Navy Regional Planning Development Workshop
  • Navy Installation Life-cycle Management Workshop

He uses a variety of facilitation techniques to help groups / teams of experts come together and contribute the wisdom and knowledge for the greater good of their community or to arrive at solution / positions relative to the issue at hand.

  • Led several cost reduction teams to rescue construction projects in budget trouble.
    US Navy Enlisted Force Management Summit
  • American Society of Civil Engineers- Structural Engineering Licensing Summit & 21ST Century Planning Issues Summit
  • National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS)
  • Construction Specification Institute International Standards Summit
  • General Services Administration US Courts Design-Build Summit
  • Maryland Manufactured Housing Association Issues Workshop
  • US/Mexico Border Health Commission Visioning Workshop
  • Scripps Clinic, Pulmonary Division, Initial Strategic Planning Offsite, San Diego, CA
  • U. S. Surgeon General, Group Writing series of sessions, Report to the American People on Global Health


In 1989 he served as the lead internal facilitator on multiple Quality management Boards and Process Action Teams for the Navy (NAVFAC).  He also trained everyone in NAVFAC Headquarters and Camp David in Total Quality Management.

  • Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)
  • Public Works at Headquarters QMB (Series of meetings)
  • Merit Pay and Teamwork & Awards Process Action Teams (Series of meetings)
  • Environmental Quality Management Board (Series of meetings)
  • Taught the Naval Facilities Engineering Command headquarters Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Military Acquisition Process Improvement Team.
  • NAVFAC Productivity Principle to the Navy’s Acquisition Streamlining Office.
  • Co-authored and taught the “Fundamentals of Total Quality Leadership” (25 Classes)
  • Two-day TQL course for leaders & managers (For NAVFAC & DCQI)
  • Design & Construction Quality Institute (DCQI),
  • Was president-elect and on the DCQI Board of Directors.

Delivered Lectures & Speeches on Quality

  • American Consulting Engineers Council, 
  • American Institute of Architects, 
  • National Society of Professional Engineer , 
  • Society of American Military Engineers,
  • Federal Construction Council, 
  • Design & Construction Quality Institute, 
  • American Institute of Architects, Virginia Chapter